HDTV/DVR Receiver

Standard-Def (SD) & High-Def (HD) compatible
Optional Analog & Digital Off-Air Local
Component, DVI & HDMI outputs
Optical Dolby Digital output
MPEG-4 Compatible

Better Technology
with Better Features

• Independently watch and record
DISH Network programming on two TVs
• Record up to 350 hours of standard-
definition (SD), up to 55 hours of high-definition (HD) entertainment or a combination of the two1
• View and record HD over the air digital
broadcasts2 on TV1
• Supports Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
• Convenient On-Screen Caller ID3 with history
• Widescreen Electronic Program Guide with easy search features
• DishHOME Interactive TV for watching six screens at once and on demand entertainment, games, shopping, news, sports, weather and customer service

Dish Network Vip 722 HD DVR HD DVR Receiver (Dual-Tuner)
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350 Hours of SD, 55 Hours of HD Recording Capacity!  With Over 70 Channels of HD available, now is a great time to Sign up for Dish Network. Video archiving feature allows you to create an unlimited library of movies and TV shows, when you hook up an external hard drive. USB 2.0 for connecting an external hardrive for even more space! Widescreen Electronic Program Guide with easy search features MPEG-4 HD Compression Compatible - means you have the ability to receive and record local channel HDTV programming in your local area

Experience the DISH Network HD Pak
Tap into the latest in TV technology with high definition movie, pay-per-view and sports channels from DISH Network. more more part 2

Tap into the latest in TV technology with high definition movie, pay-per-view and sports channels from DISH Network. more


  • Delivers standard-definition (SD) & high-definition (HD) programming
  • Provides access to all DISH Network SD & HD channels
  • Includes Enhanced HD Adaptor for current & future DISH HD programming
  • Includes 8VSB Tuner Module:
    • Receive off-air analog and digital broadcasts (requires off-air antenna)
    • Provides seamless channel selection between off-air analog/off-air broadcasts and DISH Network standard and high definition satellite TV programming


  • Name-Based Recording
    • Pick any show and the DVR will find all new episodes and record them regardless of any changes in program length or broadcast schedule!
  • 500 gigabyte hard drive, DVR
    • Up to 350 hours (SD) or 55 hours (HD) of 100% Digital Video Recording (DVR)
  • Two Satellite Tuners
    • Record two live programs at the same time
    • Record a live program while watching another live program
    • Record two live programs while watching another pre-recorded program
    • Picture-In-Picture (PIP)
  • Interactivity, live TV pause
    • Ability to pause live TV (up to 2 hours on each tuner)
    • Play, stop, fast forward (4 speeds)
    • Fast reverse (4 speeds)
    • Skip forward (30 seconds)
    • Skip back (10 seconds)
    • Set manual/auto record event timers and quick record
    • Recorded events management features to play, delete or protect a recorded event


  • Dual-Tuner satellite receiver
  • Tuner #1 supports HD or SD programming, tuner #2 is SD only.
  • Integrated off-air tuner for reception of local digital/HD and analog broadcasts.
  • 480p, 720p or 1080i resolutions supported via HD outputs.
  • HD connectivity: DVI-HDTV/DISH DVI (DVI-D), HDMI, and HD Component video outputs.
    • Both HD and SD content can be viewed on an HDTV using the HD video connections (SD content is up-converted).
  • SD connectivity: Composite audio/video and S-video outputs.
    • Both HD and SD content can be viewed on a SDTV using the SD video connections (HD content is down-converted).
  • HD and SD outputs active simultaneously.
  • 2-day stored Electronic Program Guide (EPG) features seamless on-screen navigation between off-air digital/analog programming, and DISH Network high-definition and standard-definition programming.
  • DISH Home Interactive TV.
  • Parental control locks, program information, themes lists, favorites lists, browse, one-touch channel return, closed-caption support and alternate audio.
  • Caller ID capable
  • On-Screen DISH CD song titling
  • Software upgradeable via satellite


  • Color: Silver
  • UHF Pro 4-component universal remote control.
    • Controls satellite receiver up to 200 feet through walls and other obstructions, and can be programmed to operate up to three additional components, such as TVs, VCRs and DVD players (via infrared).


  • Buttons
    • Cursor Up, Down, Left, Right and Select for menu/EPG navigation
    • Power, Info, Menu, Sys Info, Cancel
    • Satellite/off-air mode lights
    • IR sensor/IR blast emitter
  • IR Blast/Receive
    • To control the start of a VCR program recording
  • Smart Card receptacle and door


  • 1 satellite tuner input
  • 1 DVI-HDTV/DISH DVI (DVI-D) output
  • 1 set HD Component (Y Pb Pr) video outputs
  • 1 S-video output
  • 2 sets of RCA-type audio/video outputs
  • 1 optical digital output for Dolby® Digital and PCM digital audio
  • 2 sets RCA-type audio/video inputs
  • 1 ATSC antenna input for off-air analog/digital broadcasts
  • 1 UHF Pro remote antenna input
  • 1 telephone jack
  • 3-prong power cord


  • Dimensions (approx): H: 2.625" W: 16” D: 13"
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight (approx): 7.5 lbs.


  • Outdoor unit
  • Compact, unobtrusive 20" dish antenna
  • DISH 500 for a multi-receiver, multi-satellite household
  • Advanced low noise block converter with integrated feed (LNBF) for reliable, high-quality digital signals
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